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About Us

Who We Are











"Chef Wifey Bae" The Name

People love asking where we got the name "Chef Wifey Bae" from, Well Chef Wifey Bae was a name my husband (fiancé at the time) gave me because I loved cooking for him while dressed up in semi-formal clothing and heels. I always took my time to prepare his food and plate his meals. I wanted everything to always be perfect for him. fast forward to today, we have taken a little inside joke and turned it into a successful catering and events business! Try us out and see what the buzz is about!


Early years

Growing up in Ghana, West Africa and Fort Worth, Texas has allowed me to experience a variety of different and unique spice blends, herbs, and flavors. I started experimenting with my own recipes and spices at an early age while watching my mother and grandmother cook and cater to others. Introducing my palate to different flavors had me falling in love with the versatility that different ingredients and spices bring. I guess you could say I was trying to figure out how to make food taste exactly how I imagined it! 


More About CWB Catering & Events

My desire to cater also stems from my love of good food. Surprisingly cooking was never my passion, eating was. Chef Wifey Bae Catering & Events was founded with the idea of bringing 5 star Private dining experiences into the homes of our customers. Using fresh vegetables, farm raised meats, and our unique seasoning blend in order to create delicious and fulfilling home cooked meals. 

At Chef Wifey Bae, We specialize in custom family meals, intimate dining, custom & corporate events and so much more. Whether you desire a small gathering or medium size formal event. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. We are here to help. 

"You work hard, Let us cater to you."



~ Chef Wifey Bae

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